• star     "Get Snake Pit and you’ll have ^#%$&*# snakes on your *&#^%$ iPhone!" - Jackson Samuel
  • star "Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes on my iPhone?" - Jones (from Indiana)
  • star "I’ve been playing with snakes since I was a kid. Now I can play with them on my iPhone!" - Irwin Stevens

Two great ways to play Snake Pit:

Download Snake Pit
Lite Version Features
  • 10 complete levels
  • Beginner to Advanced
  • Ad supported
  • Free download
Full Version Features
  • 30 complete levels
  • Beginner to Advanced
  • Ad free
  • One time $0.99 purchase
In the Press What others are saying "The finest computer puzzle collection" - Games Magazine
"The best of the brain teasers come from Smart Games" - Reuters
"Puzzle Game of the Year" - Computing Gaming World

Game Images

Check out what our game looks like

  • Snake Pit One Finger Gameplay
    Snake Pit’s “one finger is all you need to play” design makes it incredibly easy and fun to play.
  • Snake Pit Drag & Drop
    Drag the pieces from inventory into the pit and drop them anywhere you want. Then rotate and flip them with just one finger.
  • Snake Pit Best Score Tracking
    Compare your current score to your best score, automatically, on every level.
  • Snake Pit All Solutions online
    Stuck? We've got the solutions on our website.